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Why Pet Sitting

  • So, you've decided to use a petsitter?

    Good choice! And here is why.....

  • No need to burden family, friends, or neighbors. ††
  • †††
  • Your pet stays stress-free, by staying in his own surroundings and daily routine.
  • †††††††
  • Saves you time (and your pet stress!), of transporting him to the kennel.
  • ††††††
  • Your pet stays on his regular diet.
  • ††††††
  • Your pet isnít exposed to illness, disease, or fleas.
  • ††††††
  • He will receive LOTS of TLC, which he wouldnít receive in a kennel.
  • ††††††
  • Your home looks lived in while youíre away, by retrieving mail, newspapers, and flyers, and turning off/on lights, and rotating blinds and curtains.
  • ††† ††††
  • The other living things in your house (your plants!), will be well taken care of as well.
  • †††††††
  • Peace of mind, knowing your pet is in wonderful hands.
  • †††††††
  • You donít have to schedule time during your busy day for your petís potty breaks.


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